Personalized Stethoscope

Are you in search of a personalized stethoscope? Do you want to choose your own colors, length, style, chest-piece or even have some engraving done? Then look no further!

Personalized stethoscopes aren’t hard to find, they will cost you that little bit more though. Most Littmann stethoscopes are highly customisable and so you can personalize them in any way you want.

If you’re after a cheaper personalized stethoscope then you may have a little more trouble locating one as you really have to pay that little bit more for customization.

Personalized Stethoscope

If we take a look at one of the best selling stethoscopes around, the 3M Littmann Cardiology III, you’ll see that it is almost fully customizable.


  • Eartips – These come in different sizes and colors
  • Tubing – Different colors and lengths
  • Chest Piece – These come in all different forms, steel, brass, plain, colored etc

If you really want a fully personalized stethoscope then you could have the chest-piece engraved with your name on it or some other message. Medisave will engrave a chest-piece for just $9.99 no matter where you buy/bought the stethoscope from originally.

Above you can see an engraving of ‘Justin LaPuma, MD’ on the chest-piece. The position of the engraving will depend on the chest-piece itself, some chest-pieces may only be engraved on the underside, while others can be engraved both sides.

Personalized Stethoscope

Finally, if you really want to go for a fully personalized stethoscope, then the final thing to look at is tubing engraving. Tubing engraving is basically the same as chest-piece engraving, you can have your name (or something else) engraved onto the stethoscope tubing.

Tubing engraving

The image above shows engraved tubing with ‘Mark Redding’ being engraved onto it. Engraved tubing is a little harder to come by than other more common personalizations but if you look hard enough you will find places that do it such as AllHeart. If you truly want a personalized Stethoscope then this is about as personalized as it gets!

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