Stethoscope Accessories

While you won’t find a huge amount of stethoscope accessories on the market you may find the odd one that helps you in your day to day job.

For instance a ‘hip clip’ will reduce next strain and leave the user hands free. These Hip Clips come in various different colours and cost only a few dollars.

Stethoscope Accessories

If you really want a hip clip but would like something a little more up-market then the Batclip may be what you’re looking for. The Batclip is handmade in the USA and while it does cost a little more it comes with a professional leather finish.

Stethoscope Accessories

Should you be worried about losing your stethoscope or simply wishing to have your ID shown on your stethoscope then one of the more popular stethoscope accessories is the ID Tag. The one in the picture below will fit the 3M Littmann should you be after an ID tag for a different stethoscope then your best bet is to search Amazon.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that ‘normal’ ID tags are you’re only option though. You will find a whole load of fun ones if you’re willing to look hard enough. These can also be much more calming to children if you’re generally working with young patients. See below the Owl ID Tag, this is just one of the many ‘fun’ options available to you!

Want to see how simple it is to add one of these fun ID tags to your Stethoscope? Check out this video below!

Looking for a personalized stethoscope? Check them out!


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