Stethoscope Covers

When it comes to stethoscope covers you have two choices, fun or professional. If you’re working with children then you may prefer one of the more fun stethoscope covers made to look like a dinosaur, lion or a tiger. This may well help keep the young patient entertained while you carry out your duties.

If you expect to generally be working with older patients then a more professional looking stethoscope cover is the way to go. Below are some of the best selling stethoscope covers on the market today.

Stethoscope Covers


Stethoscope CoversDescriptionPrice
Tiger PediaPals Stethoscope Cover$$$$

Solid Stethoscope Cover 100% Cotton Gray$
Dinosaur PediaPals Stereoscope Cover$$$$$
Lion PediaPals Stethoscope Cover$$$$

Solid Stethoscope Cover 100% Cotton Lavender$
Solid Stethoscope Cover 100% Cotton Seafoam$
Dalmatian PediaPals Stethoscope Cover$$$$

As you can see from the table above, stethoscope covers come in many different forms. The most popular stethoscope covers are generally of the plain or scrunchie variety, animals are very popular if working with younger patients. While there is no way we could ever show you every single type of stethoscope cover, the above are some of the more popular ones.

Animal covers

Are you considering making an animal cover purchase? Take a closer look at Dalmatian stethoscope cover in the video below!

Create your own!

Finally, your last option (should you be feeling crafty) would be to create a stethoscope cover yourself. It’s actually pretty simple to do and you can use whatever fabric or design you want.

Below is a step by step guide which shows you how to create a bespoke stethoscope cover yourself. Feel free to experiment when creating your own stethoscope covers as you may want a wider or slimmer cover.

Stethoscope Covers

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